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Dedicated page to give information on: working methods; work ethic; client list; and a brief photography works review by clients.

Working Method


We are in the domain of commercial photography in which perfection output photographic be our target. We work as a team using the techniques of studio photography, which we use a variety of equipment, such as studio lights and other supporting equipment.

For far away clients production facilities. Works scheme can be done in two ways:

(1) Roshvisual team can approach the client production facilities, carrying photographic equipment necessary to client company.
(2) If it is not allowed to go to the client\’s location and more cost-efficient alternative to other options. Clients can submit their products to the address stated on the “contact us” to further roshvisual shoot. During production of the camerawork, the client can directly monitor the development of photography through instant messaging (WhatsApp +6282226227575) or email ([email protected]) for real time response photographic output.

* We guarantee full security of the financial interests of the clients that lasted for cooperation photography. All information relevant to the security of client transactions will be given via email, namely: National ID cards, Driving License, bank accounts and account details of other required validation.



We believe in ourselves. We believe in those who work with us. We believe in our clients. We believe in our friends. We believe in our family.

We believe God will provide everything we need to succeed, if we do our best through honest way. We believe in prayer, and we will never close my eyes without prayer asking for God\’s guidance until we patiently to others and tolerant with those who are not agree to us.

We believe that success is the result of intelligent effort and doesn\’t rely on mere luck or betray friends, clients or employees.

We believe, we will get a life exactly like what we were looking for. Therefore, we must be cautious in bringing themselves ahead of others as we want others to take us forward.

We will not harm those we do not like. We\’re not going to cheat our work, no matter what others do.

We will provide the work and the best service we can give as we had promised ourselves for success in life.

We know that success is a result of consistent efforts and efficiency.

Regarding financial transaction security issue between client and roshvisual, we only use 1 CIMB Niaga banking account: 

Roshvisual Banking Account