Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is Still Life Photography ?
  • It’s a kind of photography skill that making good photo from non human object. The key difference from wedding or fashion photographer that is still life photography deals with kind of materials required good understanding with photo lighting.
  1. How to contact Roshvisual ?
  • You could reach us by drop an email on [email protected], call us on +6282226227575 or instant message like whatsApp on that number.
  1. Do you have a Studio ?
  • Yes, we have a studio about 8×10 meter available for medium size product photo, such as single sofa.
  1. Do you serve on location client’s facility?
  • Yes sure, we understood that our clients have many products that inefficient to travel it to our studio, so we could bring our equipment and tools then leave for client’s facility. We have traveled to Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Kediri and many more in Java Island.
  1. What is your rate?
  • Our rate is based on how much quantity from the product to be photograph and overhead cost to cover them. Every project is unique and depends on client expectation to reach. Let us know your photo target, then we will named our rate on email.
  1. What is your tool?
  • We use Canon DSLR camera from APSC to Fullframe format, and many Canon EF L glass.
  1. There are Ipung Rosyid and Saifur Rosyid on your site, who is he?
  • They are actually one person, ipung is the nickname.
  1. Do we get printed image from your service?
  • Unfortunately we haven’t ready to deliver you a printed image version. However, we could advice you to get a good one image printing vendor.
  1. How do we pay Roshvisual?
  • We receive the payment by Telegraphic Transfer via our CIMB Niaga Banking Account: 702089833700(swift code: BNIAIDJA)-Saifur Rosyid.