Raw Data Information

We understand that our photography service commerce serve client around the globe. In many cases, we experienced that we never met with the client at all, and communicate by email or instant message, then run the photography project via remote monitoring.

We also understand that client expect credible data to secure their interest. And, we commited to provide transparent data for client’s consideration regarding potential financial fraud issue.

We provide bellow that our banking account have opened since 2007 on CIMB Niaga Bank (link here)

We provide bellow that our website have on-lined since 2014. Checked on July 14, 2017 via Whois, (what is Whois? link)

Client should validate our banking account on Indonesia Communication and Information Ministry/KOMINFO for every account recorded on financial fraud on link, checked on July 14, 2017 and translated to english it says “THIS ACCOUNT NUMBER HAS NOT BEEN REPORTED RELATED TO ANY CRIMINAL ACT!”

We expected all of these provide sufficient brief data validation for client’s consideration.