Portrait of Still Life World

We are Roshvisual, a purpose built photographic facility for still life digital imagery requirements. We’re in the business of image making; capturing a distinct identity for every and anything that’s put in front of the lens.

Quality Without Compromise

Every day we encounter thousands of images. Faces, places, buildings, nature, products. So what makes an image memorable? What makes it stand out over another? Simple. The object in front of the camera. And the knowledge, skill, craft and passion of the person behind the camera. It’s what roshVisual is all about. What it does so well, so effortlessly. We also know that choice, efficiency and precision is essential in today’s ever-changing business landscape. That’s why we continue to invest in our facilities, equipment, people and processes, enabling us to provide colour accurate, cost-effective imagery at high-speed turnaround. Whatever your budget or aspiration, we will deliver superb quality without compromise.

Our Creed

We believe we live our enterprise for something. We live our enterprise with love, happiness and professionalism for everything we do and we produce. We do enterprise in scientific, ethic and aesthetic way to find every solution. We active in action to improve the welfare and the human life for a better place living. We will transform our enterprise to be repected worldclass enterprise and doing strategy inovatively. We know that we have to live in balance, and also we want to do the best in our field. We are always pursuit perfection. That’s why are we standing still.[]

Our Photography Service

Client Impression

Fotografer Produk Iklan: BB Cosmetics, Jakarta

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Dear Roshvisual Photography, Secara keseluruhan hasil foto produk sangat bagus, memuaskan karena kami juga pernah melakukan foto produk di filipina dan UK. Untuk glass packaging sudah sangat bagus , pencahayaan sangat bagus foto sangat tajam dan file TIF ukuran besar tentu lebih baik bagi kami. Tetapi untuk tube plastick pencahayaan kurang , sehingga kami melakukan retouch sedikit di photoshop , untuk brightnessnya , mungkin ini berlaku karena ini produk kosmetik, untuk produk lain mungkin kebutuhan pencahayaan berbeda. Tetapi hasil sangat OK , kami juga lebih prefer seperti itu pencahayaannya , karena bisa kami atur sesuai kebutuhan iklan.

Fotografi Makanan: Bakso Klenger Mas Agus - Kediri

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Terimakasih Roshvisual, hasilnya foto makanannya di luar dugaan. Bagus banget. Untuk produk makanan kami selanjutnya, aku percayakan ke Roshvisual.

Kualitas Fotorgafi Kelas Dunia

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Hi, Review tertulisku buat Roshvisual - Jasa Fotografi Produk Yogyakarta cuma 1, harga terlalu murah untuk kualitas kelas dunia...up...up...up Roshvisual.

Fotografi Hotel: Adinda Beach Hotel, Parangtritis

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Hasil fotografi interior dan exterior Roshvisual cukup memuaskan dan sesuai target yang kami harapkan dengan harga yang masuk akal, karenanya untuk jasa pemotretan property kami yang Joglo kemarin juga memakai Roshvisual lagi karena pertimbangan itu.

Fotografi Hotel Villa dan Resort Jogja

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Roshvisual bagus fotonya.

Hi Quality Furniture Photography Service

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This guy have a great quality furniture photography that we have used for our online marketing. World Class output images that we are also proud for speaks our company vision. Keep your work great Roshvisual!!!
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